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103 Foresters pamphlet series – Issues 1 and 2 now available as free downloads

People's Histreh

We are delighted to launch the first two issues of these pamphlets, the first introducing and contextualising the project, the second looking into the case of a soldier sentenced to death on the Western Front on February 5th, 1915.

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, So Disorder played The Red Lion in Bristol last…

So Disorder played The Red Lion in Bristol last night (19th April). One of the support bands was a band called Dogs of War. A band who are dodgy as fuck and share a member with notorious right-wing…

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When black Americans used the Second Amendment to fight the Ku Klux Klan

Old Left Line Up In Shocking Attack on Grassroots Claimant’s Group

the void

sanction-sabsThe Youth Fight For Jobs campaign have published a piece this week attacking Boycott Workfare supporters who have called on the PCS Union to take meaningful and concrete action against benefit sanctions.

In an astonishing diatribe the group, who are largely a Socialist Party front, accuse campaign group Boycott Workfare of ‘divide and rule’.  Based on a string of entirely spurious accusations, Youth Fight for Jobs spokesperson Ian Pattison claims to be ‘shocked and surprised’ that a campaign opposed to benefit sanctions should call on the PCS to take a stronger position on their members being forced to implement those sanctions.

This is not a controversial position, even within the PCS Union themselves.  At their annual conference earlier in the year a resolution was passed instructing the PCS National Executive to explore means of non-cooperation with sanctions.  Since then there has been silence from the PCS leadership on the…

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Police quiz immigrant family on parentage of ‘confused ginger man’

The Evening Harold

A travelling family which has traipsed around Europe for almost two hundred years is at the centre of yet another child abduction storm today. Police have taken into protective custody ‘a ginger man’, thought to be around 29 years of age and answering to the nickname ‘Harry’.

The family is said to have started out with the frankly unbelievable name of ‘Saxe-Coburg & Gotha’, but has repeatedly changed its name across various national boundaries in order to disguise itself.

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These are the areas we have to win over…

These are the areas we have to win over…

These are the areas we have to win over….