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Olympian Dark Satanic Mills

June 13, 2012

Has Danny Boyle lost the plot. Green and pleasant land? Has the Mancunian Danny Boyle forgotten about the Dark Satanic Mills? What the hell is all this rural idyll cobblers? It never existed, doesn’t exist now, and never will in the way it’s presented here.
In the past rural life for the many was one of poor and insecure living conditions, long hours of extremely hard and demanding physical work. The rewards were little pay, homelesness if you upset the farm/landowners, high rates of infant mortality, and adult life expectancy of not much more than 50 something.
Today, gentrification of rural communities, cuts to services, ridiculous rents and house prices, unemployment and low pay are smashing the s**t out of the countryside and hammering the rural working class.
Apart from that what the hell has this portrayal of england got to do with the East of London where ths corporate junket is taking place?
Working class Londoners have had their communities de industrialised for decades. now they are being turned upside down, increasingly gentrified, missiles on their roofs, militarised policing for events it would take a month or more pay to go and watch (if they got any ‘pay’ at all).
And the ‘legacy’? Dont make me laugh! Fractured communities, MuckJobs, decaying corporate cathedrals of olympic pomp, and a very nasty taste in the mouth of working class Londoners.
The best thing about all this s***e will be if the Bus Workers go on strike and get their bonus.


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