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Solidarity against blacklisting | Edd Mustill

Solidarity against blacklisting | Edd Mustill.


Battle of Welling

Anti-Fascist Archive

In 1993 there was a massive demonstration opposing the BNP bookshop in Welling. The Anti-Nazi League, Youth Against Racism in Europe and Panther UK (both militant and non-militant wings) took part. Anti-Fascist Action remained on the periphery of the demonstration engaging in independent activity.

Here are some videos of the day.

These videos are thanks to the fantastic work of 45antifascist

Source of the photos

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Stop laughing at the English Defence League |

Stop laughing at the English Defence League |

A Letter FromJock Palfreeman – Anti-fascist Prisoner On Hunger Strike.

Malatesta's Blog


Australian Anti-fascist prisoner Jock Palfreeman, serving 20 years in Sofia/Bulgaria for defending two Roma boys from a racist mob, is on hungerstrike from 13th January 2013 because the Director of the Central Sofia Prison has ordered another punishment measure because of Jock´s activist work as chairman of the Bulgarian Prisoners Association. Due to this punishment Jock is now not allowed to finish his studies which is very important to him. Jock’s health is rapidly worsening as he continues his hunger strike and he is not even allowed to see a doctor as yet another repressive measure by the prison authorities. He asks for solidarity from all of you by sending a letter to the Bulgarian Ministry of Justice. Please start putting pressure now before it’s too late. Jock needs our support!

website of Bulgarian Prisoners Association:

21st January 2013

G-day guys! All at ABC,

Well, first of all, the Director stopped me…

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GurgaonWorkersNews no.57 – May/June 2013 | GurgaonWorkersNews

GurgaonWorkersNews no.57 – May/June 2013 | GurgaonWorkersNews.

FBI Billboards not about Assata Shakur, it is about repressing the Black community

FBI Billboards not about Assata Shakur, it is about repressing the Black community.

[en][Translation] The Di Canio case: children are watching

Struggles in Italy

Original post published here. Thanks to Luca Pisapia and La Privata Repubblica.

“Always historicize.” Fredric Jameson

di canio fascista

Children are watching. And they are frightened by our indifference to fascism. When, on 31 March 2013, Paolo Di Canio – a despicable being who wrote repeatedly in his autobiography of his admiration for Mussolini and, amongst many ostentatious tattoos, has the word “Dux” on his arm and on his back a likeness of Mussolini wearing a helmet surmounted by an eagle – was employed as a coach by Sunderland, the usually measured CNN headlined breaking sports news as “EPL appoints a fascist manager”.(1) A few hours later, when the former Labour MP, David Miliband, resigned, the headline became “‘Fascist’ Di Canio’s appointment prompts MP to quit soccer club.”

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